I have very vivid dreams. I always have. Typically I remember my dreams, or at least I remember bits and pieces. They are almost always vivid, engaging, and enormously strange.

For instance, last night I dreamed I had broken my hand, but I was unsure how. The doctor was explaining to me that my hand was broken in several places. My dreams have strange images, but it is the emotions and feelings I have while dreaming that linger the most. I can remember feeling upset, worried, and confused in my dream last night. When I woke, those feelings remained.

But the strangest part? When I woke up I realized my hand was aching. It still hurts.

So do dreams really have meanings? Are dreams somehow secret codes, premonitions, or maybe even warnings? I think, in my case, dreams are just a conglomerate of mangled worries and fears; a mass of images derived from my constant over-thinking. I'd honestly prefer that explanation to the idea that the oddity that is my dreams means something or, heaven forbid, predicts my future.


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